Our Passion

At Gideon's BBQ Smokehouse in Glastonbury, Connecticut we have one mission: to deliver great comfort food that families could enjoy together.

My passion for the food industry started early, as my father Gideon would make delicious meals from scratch that consisted of an appetizer, entrée and dessert. The entire family would gather around for hours and enjoy conversation mixed with family style cooking

A New Dimension for Glastonbury

This is what inspired me to create a new dimension in the Glastonbury area: family style southern BBQ and wood smoked food.

Our smoking process prepares and cooks our food in a way that offers healthy comfort food for everyone. Even if you don't like meat, we have vegetarian options that you can enjoy. With my wife being a vegetarian herself, this was a must when developing our menu.

Years of Experience

The team at Gideon's BBQ Smokehouse has a combined 25 years of restaurant experience that will make our family style southern BBQ restaurant a place where we can become neighbors.

The Buzz

  • I just had a bowl of chili and that is enough for me to know that I would like to try more.  I consider myself a bit of a chili snob, as it were...This was good - enough heat, without overwhelming you, meat was goooood, I liked the black beans and the red beans, and the corn...a right fine bowl of chili I would say.  Definitely worth stopping back to try again.

    Atmosphere is quite casual, nothing fancy - but everyone is friendly, the place is very tidy and it smells good in there!  It is BYOB and is located next door to good package store - so you can down the BBQ with a good cold Corona if you are so inclined.... 

    Penny M., Glastonbury, CT
  • BBQ pulled pork was delicious as was the smoked turkey. The smoked chipotle sauce was phenomenal for those that like a little spice with their BBQ. Mac and cheese needs a lot of work so that was disappointing, but the Bayou baked beans did not disappoint.  We also tried the clam chowder which was pretty good although surprised to see it at a BBQ joint.  Overall we were pleased and are happy to have a BBQ joint in town.

    Jason C., Glastonbury, CT
  • Hands-down, the best turkey I've ever had.  Not dry at all, just really really good.  Edible on it's own, fantastic with the BBQ sauce.  The fries are also fantastic, good enough to just swing by and do a take-out order for fries when you're in a "yummy fry" mood.  The sauces are also pretty good, my favorite is the chipotle BBQ, which has just a bit of heat, but not enough to overwhelm the BBQ flavor.  The honey mustard is watery but in a good way, it's more of a glaze and actually works really well with the food. The cornbread has a good flavor and is moist, although if you don't like chunks of corn in it, you may not like it after a few bites.

    Schroeder K., Hartford, CT

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